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Introduction to the Orthodox Church – a Tour by Fr. Matthew Penney

In this video, Father Matthew Penney introduces Kingston’s Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church, as well as some introductory concepts and facts about Orthodoxy. He shows us the symbolic meaning of many of the aspects of an Orthodox Church, discusses the role of the Priest, and much more.

Dormition Service at the Kingston Greek Orthodox Church (August 2018)

In this video, audio clips and film footage from August 14, 2018’s Dormition Service are assembled together. This service takes place the night before Panagia, a very important service in the Greek Orthodox Church. The Dormition Service commemorates the ‘falling asleep’ of the Virgin Mary – an especially important day in Kingston because our church is named after this event.

The Greek Community of Kingston’s Sunday School and Greek School Programs

In this video, Paula Antonakos, the current Sunday School teacher for Kingston’s Greek Community, speaks about the Greek School and Sunday School programs at Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church. She speaks about what Greek Orthodox Sunday School education is like, and why she loves doing it. As a former Greek school teacher, she also speaks about her time teaching Greek school here. Angeline Boswell, a former Greek School and Sunday School student, speaks about her memories of being part of these programs in Kingston.